NLP Empowered Practitioner Program


The NLP Empowered Practitioner training will uncover the deepest programming inside our minds and teach you to re-program your brain to get the most positive outcomes, repeatedly. This training will give you the best tools and techniques in the world to create rapid, ever-lasting change in behavior and results, as well as to improve your communication and create deeper connections in any relationship in your life (including the one with yourself!)

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Melissa, one of the top graduates and alumni of the Root Cause Release™ training program, cured her life-threatening 20-year-long anaphylactic allergy in 20 minutes! This allergy to garlic had left her in the hospital many times and left her legally dead for over 5 minutes. Now she is impacting the lives of many other people through her coaching and using the Root Cause Release™ technique. Watch her tell her powerful story below!