I have some type of lifting feeling like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I can’t explain it. This is crazy haha

I’ve already had 2 big things that normally would have heavily bothered me today happen since our call and I completely blew them off and they had no power over me whatsoever, HAHA, this is great!!! I’ve had new things brought to my attention for issues in the last couple weeks. I cannot wait to do more baggage release with you. I’m super excited! I don’t know what in the world you did, but I’m loving it!! I can’t thank you guys enough!


Jack Bucknell | Entrepreneur | Real Estate Investor | National Automotive Reconditioning Industry

Sioux Falls, SD

A Breakthrough session with Kip is like being able to open your eyes and clearly see all the way to the ocean floor. Your vision is clear and beyond anything you ever imagined. You end up having a confidence and a sense that you can accomplish the impossible. And then you go and do it! The reality is that you WILL come out of this seeing yourself and others in a totally new light. AND you will create the life that you want!

Paula Haygarth | Master Practitioner and Success Coach (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Marina, I think your approach is so steadfast and clear, considerate and compassionate… I can’t tell you how amazingly happy I’ve been to be working with you… You’ve been at the top of my gratitude lists daily… I feel so blessed to have this opportunity with you… You have a gift. ♡♡♡

Pamela Jo | Animal Trainer (Melbourne, FL)

I met Kip when we brought him in as a motivational speaker for the Youth Leadership Institute, a program I volunteered with in Houston, Tx. The program was originally intended for high school seniors, and we ended up with a variety of grades between 9-12. The lessons we shared with the students were meant to prepare them for life and education after high school. Kip spoke to the students about setting goals, overcoming challenges, and using visualization techniques. The students worked through several exercises and loved them all. Engaging high schoolers can be a challenge, not to mention having them actually learn a deep philosophical lesson. Kip is inspiring and watching the students interact with him was amazing!

Sandra Martinez | Youth Leadership Institute (Houston, TX)

Marina, I’m going to continue to work on my goals and use the miraculous tools and resources that you’ve given me and I want to thank you so so much for all the work that you’ve done with me!!  These breakthrough sessions have been life-changing for me and I’m truly appreciative, blessed and grateful for you and what you’ve helped me learn.  You are a great coach and it’s evident God is truly working in your life as you are serving your true calling. Thanks again!!

Michelle Burke | Merchandise Team Manager at Macy’s (Hayden Lake, ID)

Where do I begin to describe Kip Brooks and his absolutely amazing gift that he brings to everyone he encounters. I’ve known Kip for a few years now, and he has not only taught me a lot about the Law of Attraction, and NLP, but also how to have fun and live the fullest life possible. I’ve witnessed Kip spent 10 minutes with someone before a speaking engagement, and literally transform their life. These individuals were not expecting to be impacted in the way that they were, but he brings so much passion and enthusiasm to everything that he does that you just can’t help but leave better off than when you first arrived. It goes without saying that I highly recommend Kip Brooks for any of your speaking or training needs. He’s changed my life and I know he will change yours!

Jason Gary | General Manager Tesla Motors (Frisco, TX)

My experience with Marina was inspiring. She is very thorough, patient, and really helped me discover and eliminate a problem that I didn’t even realize was impacting how I show up in the world. Several weeks after my session with her, I feel more grounded and able to tap into my creativity and manifestation which, the seeming inability to do before our session, had me feeling stuck. I’m so grateful for the clarity. I’m moving forward in a powerful way! Thank you Marina!!

Denise McKinney | Master Practitioner and Coach (San Diego, CA)

I was involved in an auto accident in April of 2017 and sustained some emotional trauma, that goes with watching my car be struck and having the other car hit my car hard enough to go airborne and roll several times on impact back on to the road. The fear of not knowing whether that other driver is going to be able to walk away from the wreck was devastating.  Kip helped me with some emotional release work related to the wreck, and the fear and anxiety of getting back into a vehicle. This kind of work is new to me, I was unfamiliar with how or if it would really work. Since my session with Kip, not only have I seen how it has changed my ability to get into a vehicle without the panic attacks riding along is really amazing. My husband and friends have also been amazed at my transformation, to be able to get into a car once again without the fear, anxiety, and crippling panic has really helped me to feel like my self again. I would recommend Kip to anyone who is dealing with emotional baggage from PTSD.  And I hope he is able to help anyone trying to deal with this and get their life back. Thank you, Kip, I will be recommending your services in the future to anyone with PTSD of any kind. Thank you again!

Deborah Draughon | Nurse and Health Consultant (Raliegh, NC)

I’ve worked with Marina up close and personal and she is truly an excellent coach and teacher. She met me where I was at(emotionally and mentally) and lovingly coached me in the areas I was desiring to improve. From our sessions together, I have learned new skills that has  enhanced my life. I’ve also witnessed her working with children, being a mother herself, she has that magic touch to empower them as well. I highly recommend working with her! Thanks Marina for all you’ve done for me. 🙂

Dr. Nancy Le | DC (San Jose, CA)

Kip is part chameleon as a presenter. He is able to blend and connect with every audience member’s point of view. He has a gift of delivering the same material to the most esteemed of intellects and elementary school children alike; always getting the point across while maintaining top value. It has been said that we no longer live in the Information Age but rather the “Entertainment Age” and Kip is able to bring those worlds together with powerful stories and appropriate humor, all while delivering an impactful message. I have invited him to deliver to my team before with great success and would do so again.

Richard Ricasata | Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investors (San Diego, CA)

Marina, I want to thank you for your coaching yesterday. Your words spoke to my heart when I was doubting myself. You pointed me to the right direction, and it’s the reason why I could carry on yesterday afternoon. I followed your suggestion, which was stay true to who I was, then did the final pitch I was very satisfied with. Thank you so much!

Melody Yang | (Santa Clara, CA)

I posted just a bit ago about giving blood for the first time ever and I would now like to take the opportunity to explain why this was such a big deal. From the time I was 2 years old, I was constantly going to the doctor for treatment of a thyroid issue. (At the time they didn’t know what was wrong but found it out later). Every time I went there was a blood draw. By the time I was 5 to say that getting my blood drawn was “traumatizing” would be an understatement. It took an entire squad of highly trained navy seals just to hold me down. At the age of 5, I had an encounter with a doctor that; while accomplishing the goal of me not throwing a fit while getting my blood drawn, left me scarred deeper than I realized. Fast forward to adulthood and my thyroid is no longer having issues there are still the annual doctor visits, life insurance policies and many other reasons that require a blood draw. I entered every situation by only sheer willpower and doing everything I could do to not pass out. The idea of giving blood just to give it, sitting there for who knows how long while they drain my body of this precious resource. “HELL NO” Not to mention the needle the size of a fire hose that they use to do this. Are you kidding me? Then 4 weeks ago I met Kip Brooks during a training session with him for mine and Carol’s business. (Thank you Jamie Antignani for setting this up) We were working on mindset and positive energy reinforcement. In the course of this training, Kip asked if there was one thing that controls, scares, and flips you out that you would like to change right now. I spoke up about my PTSD and phobia of having my blood drawn and went on to explain the whole experience to him. Just talking about it I freaked out, turned pale and I, as well as other attendants, thought I was going to pass out. In a matter of minutes, Kip; using his specialized training and knowledge, helped me to rewrite that traumatic event in such a way that my fears of the blood draw were gone. The memory is still there but it is no longer a traumatic memory. As I prepared to give blood today my body did remember that in the past I would have ran, but my mindset was totally different. As a matter of fact, I almost couldn’t stop laughing as I was being prepped to give blood. I was great, I didn’t flinch away, I didn’t have any feelings of passing out and I was actually able to look down and see that fire hose needle hanging out of my arm before they covered it up. I then watched as they turned on the spigot and I pumped out blood like there was a 10000 psi pump pushing it out. From stick to a pint given was 5 minutes maybe. So today was a victory for me and giving blood for donation, for the doctor, or for whatever reason will never be a problem again.

Jason Anglin | Health & Nutrition Consultant (Dallas, TX)