In this life-transforming live event we cover our 5-Step Signature Breakthrough System on how to Free Your Mind & Heart, let go of the limitations that have been holding you back, and Live the Life Your Desire. You will become totally empowered and step into your own greatness to create the life you truly want. This system is what we and many of the people we’ve worked with attribute our success to.

The B.E.A. Signature 5-Step Breakthrough System:

Step 1: Awareness & Recognizing Current Mindset

Step 2: Releasing the Negative Mental & Emotional Blocks

Step 3: Getting Clear on Your True Vision

Step 4: Dreaming & Visualizing

Step 5: Taking Action & Staying Focused on Your Goals



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In this live training we help you shatter the “Sleazy Sales Person” stereotype and teach you how to sell from the heart, offering true service and real solutions to your customers. We show you how you can step into your confidence when selling, how to build long-lasting relationships with your clients based on an authentic connection, and how to keep them coming back to you time and time again.

Topics Covered: 

Rapport – Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships

5-Step Sales Process – An Integrity-Based and Heart-Focused Approach to Sales

Buying Strategies – How People Buy

Objections – When and How to Handle Them

And SO Much More!


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