We were brought out to LA to present at a 4-day seminar as the experts of NLP. 

We’ve met so many amazing high achievers and heard so many stories of needing a little more than what is normally believed to be possible. 

After the closing of yesterday’s sessions, we joined a handful of students to hang out in the lobby with the plans of doing some fairly routine release work to help one lady get rid of vertigo and another gentleman who had seizures. 

These brave individuals agreed open-heartedly to allow some of the other students to observe and learn. After working with them a bit, a lady in our group asked about releasing food allergies and I laugh and say something along the lines of “too easy” and then jokingly scold her for not bringing it to our awareness while we were on stage doing demos. 

Long story short, she had an allergy to garlic that almost killed her a few times and did leave her dead for over 5 minutes once because the people with her panicked and missed the mark with the EPI pen. 

Through sensory acuity, Marina and I could tell it wasn’t just a simple little food allergy because she showed signs of wanting to share more but being afraid to. 

The true beauty of the techniques we use is that the client doesn’t need to share what happened, they don’t’ need to share anything, they only need to trust the process. Why make them relive any sort of trauma when they don’t have too? In fact, in many cases it can anchor the trauma in even more by making them tell it, that’s torturous. 

As she’s thinking about what happened to her, she begins to have an episode complete with throat closing and face and fingers swelling rapidly. The observers were beginning to freak out a little because her EPI pen was stuffed away in one of her two large bags. 

Like the truly empowered warrior goddess she is, she stayed true to the process and trusted. 

After a total of 20-25 minutes, she looks up with a HUGE bright smile and sparkling eyes and gives me a gift, her EPI pen, saying she doesn’t need it anymore and that she can breathe clearer than she ever remembers being able to. 

It turns out she was brutally abused at age 13 by a man with garlic on his breath and so wanting to do its job and protect her from going through it again, her subconscious linked the pain and trauma to garlic which then created the allergy and asthma. 

There were so many tears and emotions from everyone in the group, especially me. I can’t express what an honor it is to be a part of someone’s journey like that and to have them trust when they’ve been unimaginably hurt by someone near to them and as if that weren’t bad enough, all of the other therapy they’ve tried hasn’t helped. She’s even had friends who had a lot of the techniques Marina and I do and yet they refused to approach it because they bought into the story that it’s a fatal allergy and if doctors can’t do anything, then…………….

No matter where you are in your journey, your clients/audience/people NEED you! You are here for a reason, go out and serve!!!!!!!!