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Setting Intentions for Success

It's that time of year where New Year's resolutions begin to gasp for their final breaths. But you don't have to give up on them completely just yet! In an interview several years ago a journalist asked Oprah: “Oprah, why do you work?” To which she replied...

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It’s All in Your Head

I LOVE WHAT I DO! We were brought out to LA to present at a 4-day seminar as the experts of NLP.  We've met so many amazing high achievers and heard so many stories of needing a little more than what is normally believed to be possible.  After...

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Hope is Alive and Well

Growing up, I battled with severe depression. Overall, I don't remember a time of not feeling depressed as a child. I have memories of feeling happy but they were sprinkled in here and there, never consistent. In elementary school, I started out with...

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