About Brooks Empowerment Academy

We are Kip and Marina Brooks, creators and founders of Brooks Empowerment Academy Inc. We are certified coaches, speakers, authors, trainers and teachers, as well as parents to three awesome boys who are already up to big things in this world!

Through our own personal journey of overcoming depression, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts and a whole lot of suffering, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and a stack of super powerful tool. We’ve seen miracles occur in ourselves, our colleagues and clients, and it’s from this place that we developed our Root Cause Release™ technique for releasing deep mental and emotional baggage in a matter of minutes.
We are trained and certified as Trainers and Master Practitioners of N.L.P. and Advanced Practitioners of  Theta Healing®. We also hold certificates in Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy®/Mental and Emotional Release® Technique, Neuroscience, and E.F.T.™ (Emotional Freedom Technique.)

While we coach a small selection of private clients we are mostly passionate about teaching other coaches and healers the skills and techniques we’ve learned, use and continue to use to completely transform our own lives.
Using these incredibly powerful tools we have helped clients release negative limiting thinking, emotional pain and distress, P.T.S.D., phobias, heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, vertigo, epilepsy, and so much more. We even had cases of anaphylactic allergies cured in a matter of minutes!


Our Mission

To empower people to let go of their limitations, release their obstacles and step into their own greatness so that they can live the life they truly desire.


Our Vision

A world where we are at cause in designing and creating our lives from an empowered place of love, authenticity and acceptance. 

A world where we see each other for the holistic beings that we are, and where we connect, build and thrive with all four aspects of the human being – the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and the Physical, in harmony.


Our Values

Leadership  Freedom  Integrity 

Impact  Authenticity  Prosperity and Abundance  Passion  Communication  Connection  Love